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You could probably throw a rock and hit 10 photographers… haha I kid!… but I’m sure I’m not too far off with that statement.;)

The GOOD thing about the plethora of photographers out there is there are many GREAT ones around the globe.  When I look to better myself & my art, I look to these people.  They take my breath away with their work… or make me stop to think… or inspire me to try something completely different.  Their work captures emotion, love, connections, and this crazy-beautiful thing we call life.  Ah-mazing eye candy.  And they do it with the utmost of talent & skill.   One thing’s for sure… every day they inspire me to reach high, dream big, and work hard to further myself as a photographer, hoping one day to stand in their ranks… and then get up the next day & do it all over again.

Hey – this girl can dream, can’t she?  :)

You’ll note these are mostly all on-location photographers.  I’m not much of a studio girl (but definitely appreciate the great work produced with sets).  I love having environment in my photos.


These people are my inspiration…

Laura Gordon Photography

She is an AMAZING engagement & wedding photographer who also ROCKS OUT with her portrait work.  Wanna see WOW?  Take a look at Laura capturing one of her client’s bridal session, engagement session, and her wedding.  Did you just DIE looking at those?!  Yep, meeee too.  When I found out she shoots Nikon (like me!) in a world full of <what-feels-like> Canon, I about flipped three times over.  Check this woman out!  The moment I saw her work, I fell in love with that dreamy soft & romantic feel she captures in her photos.  I immediately contacted her to do a 1:1 consult session over the phone so that I could learn from this lady!  Ever since that phone ‘chat’, I grew leaps & bounds as a photographer and businesswoman.

Focus Photography

Stacy’s work with children and families is INCREDIBLE.  Take a look at this family… love!  And this one… more love!  Oh, to have a family session like this!  Looovvve.  With each session, she captures the realness of the moment in a fun & fresh style, with a touch of whimsy.  Stacy LOVES children, and it’s so clear in her work.  Also, she’s a mom of 4 and gets those in-between moments and details that would look like nothing, but once you see them in 4×6 format or on a screen, they mean something.  So priceless.

I would not be where I am today without Laura and Stacy, and feel so blessed to call these ladies very dear, personal friends of mine.  I have so much love for them!  They both have been incredible in helping grow my knowledge & giving me great feedback… and everything in between.

Kirsten Lewis Photography

Kirsten has an incredible eye.  Her ability to capture from interesting perspectives and her use of negative space is is pretty bad-ass.  :) Her photos are loaded with bold, rich colors and deep shadows and clear definitions.  I’m lucky to have had a few opportunities with Kirsten in that she photographed my family twice for beach portraits in OBX, and also an invaluable sit-down chit-chat where I had a chance to ask her questions.  She’s funny, she’s smart,  she’s sweet, she’s spicy, she’s worldly (check out her incredible captures of Cuba last Dec!), and she’s got a heart of gold… and I think it all shines through in her amazing photographic style.

Ryan Brenizer

Unreal talent.  This guy knows his way around a camera (and had probably blown up a few along the way!).  I look at Ryan’s work & abilities and gasp WOW.  This recent post definitely had me at hello.

Sarah Beth Photography

Her subjects are the 4-legged kind and being the huge animal lover that I am, I was thrilled to discover Sarah Beth.  I’m directing you straight to SB’s Joy Sessions page, because it grabs my heart each & every time (and I’ve visited her site a bazillion times).  Take a moment to look through her Joy Sessions galleries in B&W and in Color.  Her work leaves me speechless.  With tears.

SarahBeth juggles her photographic time capturing furry friends in-studio and also on location.  As great as her studio work is, there is just real magic in her On Location photos.  Love.  Love.  Love.

Erich McVey Photography

Erich’s work looks like A DREAM.  When I look at his photography, my eyes feel like they went swimming in a pool-full of dreamy goodness, dipped in sugar, and drizzled with all-that-which-is-soft-and-lovely.  I walk away from his work in a daze because I am mesmerized by the BEAUTY he captures.  He took my breath way when he posted his 2011 Favorites blogpost.  Talk about my mouth open, drooling.  I was literally left speechless after viewing this.

Jasalyn Thorne

Buckle your seatbelt and take a look at some incredibly beautiful images by the very talented Jasalyn.  Just magical, aren’t they?  Stylish, classy, lovely, elegant… just makes you wanna put your fingers to your mouth and go “muah”!

Lexi Vornberg Photography

There are a ton of photographers out there who specialize in teens, and I just love how Lexi captures her subjects.  Her images walk that fine line of ‘natural’ and ‘posed’, and done so dreamy and sweetly.

Jean Smith Photography

She’s solidly amazing…  Clean, Crisp, Classic images.  Timeless imagery.  I just love this recent session.    She rocks at teen photography too – both girls and boys (and it’s worth mentioning that photographing teenage boys is a completely different ballgame than photographing teenage girls).

Bryan Adams

You probably hear this name and cue that tiny jukebox in your brain to internally play “Back in the Summer of ’69″… or “Everything I Do”… and you know what, you’re RIGHT.  This is THE Bryan Adams… or better said, THAT Bryan Adams.  The very talented musician aaannnddd the very talented photographer.  How can one person possess so much talent?!  Click on PHOTOS at the very top of the screen and be prepared to have your mind blown away with his images… I’m just sayin’.

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    Stacy - WOW, Heather! THANK YOU! It ALLLLL makes sense now! Ha! I SO appreciate your amazingly kind words and… even more than that… our friendship! You make me smile… and you challenge me… and you inspire me… and.. and.. and….

    THANK YOU!ReplyCancel

  • February 27, 2012 - 12:33 pm

    Laura Gordon - WHAT . AN . HONOR . Wow! I am speechless!! Thank you so much Heather. Not only have you grown to become one of my best friends, I love watching you grow into an INCREDIBLE photographer! I love learning from YOU, I love our daily chats, I love your enthusiasm, your encouragement… you are an amazing person! I feel so lucky and HONORED to be a part of this post. Thank you! You have no idea how much you mean to me! I am so happy to call you my friend. (Ps. LOVEEEE Erich McVey, his work is so awesome!!)ReplyCancel

  • February 28, 2012 - 4:58 pm

    kirsten lewis - Thank you SO MUCH Heather. You are so incredibly sweet to include me in this list of great photographers. I will be sad not to see you and your family at the beach after this year, but it just means you all will have to start vacationing in Denver! :)ReplyCancel

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    A Very Special Feature…: Heather Photography » Laura Gordon Photography - […] she posted a section on her blog about her photography inspiration and I was on it! You can see it here :) I immediately called her, filled with excitement. If only you knew how much of an inspiration […]ReplyCancel

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