It’s easy!  Once we’ve discussed a date and time for our session, I’ll send you over a copy of the contract.  I just need you to read it, fill it out, sign both pages, and return it back to me with your deposit.  Voila!  Check out my Investment page for more information.


A portrait session lasts about 1 hour, and these sessions are outdoors 99% of the time, weather permitting.  I have a few local go-to spots that I like to use for sessions, and I’m always open to suggestions or ideas!  (Typically backyards or frontyards aren’t great location options, unless you have acreage… then it’s game-on!)

With children, it’s fun time!  We laugh, we play, we hang out… I’m guided by what your little one wants to see and do.  Head’s up to the parents!  Sessions with children are pretty much BIG playdates.  And chances are, you’ll be worn out by the end!  🙂

One exception to the outdoor rule… Newborns!   These sessions take place inside baby’s new home (unless it’s a hot summer day and parents request outdoor portraits), and last about 2-3 hours.  They are super-relaxed, and we go at baby’s pace.  So put on your comfy clothes, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s let the little one eat, sleep, burp, and smile.

Indoor sessions take place where you get the most natural lighting in your home (bay windows and french doors are favorite spots).

Please note it is best to take photos of newborns when they are two weeks old or less.  Because it is very difficult to know exactly when baby is ready to make a grand entrance, I’m super flexible to work my schedule around baby!


I get this question a lot, and it’s a great one to ask!  Whether you’re a girl or boy, young or younger, tall or small… for anyone’s outfit, it’s all about 4 things… the first three regard clothing: Colors, Textures, and Layers!  Mixing and matching these things make for great images.   Last (but certainly just as important) are the finishing touches… accessorize!

Great places to look for outfit inspiration are Pinterest, Polyvore, and Wardrobe Wednesday.  These sites are a BIG help when putting together a fun & cohesive look for an individual or for family sessions.

Please note: matchy-matchy looks are not your best friend when it comes to group photography.  If everyone’s wearing, say… blue shirts and jeans, then the photos tend to turn out like there’s just a blended big blue blob with a bunch of different heads popping out.  No one wants to be a blue blob.  🙂  Also, wearing all of one color/shade is not recommended either.  Let’s save the all-white look for the brides, and lacking color really does make an image go bleh.  Avoid lettering or large logos on clothing… leave that GAP letter sweatshirt in the closet at home and throw on a chunky knit sweater instead.  And a good rule of thumb for accessorizing is to make sure you leave some stuff behind in the jewelry box!  I like to focus on one big eye-catcher (lots of bracelets, larger earrings, statement necklace) and then go minimal with the rest of the bling.  🙂

Newborns have a super-cute exception to the clothing rule… less is more and clothing tends to just cover up all that sweet goodness, so let’s embrace their cuteness au naturale style.  Birthday suits are definitely best!

I encourage EVERYONE to bring along a few outfit changes to our session.  And I’m always here if you should have any questions!


There’s no need to pack the car with all of your belongings, but it’s pretty rad to incorporate some of your likes, passions, and hobbies into your session!  Bring anything that speaks volumes to what kind of person you are…  Play a sport?  Guitar?  Into old records?  Books?  Do you have a sunglasses collection?  A love for chunky bracelets?  Favorite board game?


I’m just as excited to share them with you as you are to see them!  After your session, I like to post a photo or two as a sneak peek on Heather Photography’s FACEBOOK page (usually within 48 hours).  Your online gallery will be available for viewing a few weeks after session date!

Give me a ring or shoot me an email if you have any other questions.  Looking forward to hearing from you.