todd & kris | married

Meet Todd and Kris… dear family friends who, against various life obstacles, years, and miles, are a beautiful example that love wins.

These two lovebirds initially crossed paths as friends in college, reconnected years later, and are now inseparable.  They married on the love holiday in a very intimate ceremony right in my parent’s living room, officiated by my stepfather (the good reverend), witnessed by my mother (the home decorator), and photographed by me.  Together they radiated pure joy and laughed at the silliness that always seems to accompany any wedding day (story below… it’s worth a read).

So much to laugh about.  So many smiles.  So much love.

Story time!

I arrived a few minutes early to my parent’s house.  As I pulled up, I noticed a random dog wandering our neighborhood off-leash (but had a collar on) without any person in sight.  It was a chilly Valentine’s day outside, and I said that we should let him inside and try to figure out whose dog this is.  We coaxed him inside with treats and my mom recognized he was a dog from the other side of the neighborhood.   We call the number on his tag and his owner informs us she’s been gone for an hour from the house and the dog must’ve escaped and has been running loose since then (she had no idea).  She doesn’t know when she’ll be back, but tells us probably not anytime soon.  Ummm ok.

A few minutes later Todd and Kris arrive and get the back story on this 4-legged wedding crasher, and we all have a laugh as he’ll be the uninvited guest.  We decide to carry on, and the moment we start the ceremony, doggie makes himself riiiight at home by laying in between Todd and Kris, wiggling around his back like a worm.  Going nuts.  Like he’s never felt carpet before in his life.  Again, we all laugh… because, what else can you do?  And… juuustt as he starts to calm down mid-ceremony… The. Doorbell. Rings.  (are you kidding me?! right?)  Doggie’s mom has found one of her sons to come claim their fur child.   We stop the ceremony (the son was clueless as to what was taking place), and then off he went back home.

It’s not every day you have a random dog laying on your feet and a doorbell interruption at your wedding.  Some guests just have to upstage the bride and groom.  Attention hog. heehee




  • September 24, 2016 - 10:09 pm

    Pam - Such a beautiful day with two beautiful people that are truly M4EO! ❤️ Heather you are amazing, the way you captured this special event in their life in words and photos. Thank you!😘ReplyCancel

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