noah graduation

My baby just graduated from preschool, and I don’t know where the time has gone!  Noah is moving up in the world, and he’s so excited and ready to tackle Kindergarten this fall.  It feels like yesterday I was at Lukas’ graduation, and now sweet cheeks is playing for the big leagues.  We snapped a quick few of these handsome men before heading inside…

2014-06 noahgrad_00152014-06 noahgrad_0016

Time for the ceremony!!  Noah starting out true to form… meet Mister Goofy Pants…

2014-06 noahgrad_0014Yeah, my heart melted like butter when Noah came off the stage and Lukas ran over to him, picked him up, and gave him the biggest hugs that I’ve ever seen him give.  It as entirely too precious, and I’m just so proud of these boys.

I love that Noah did a super job with his songs, saying his lines in front of a bazillion people & momarazzis (represent!), and still was able to be his goofy lovable self on stage.  Cap on backward, skipping (literally) over a photo opp after getting his diploma… you name it.  It was imperfectly perfect.  Congratulations to my adorable sweet silly lovable little man!!!



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