Kristin & Andy | Federal Hill, Baltimore

This past weekend I had an engagement session in downtown Baltimore, and happened to arrive earlier than my couple.  While waiting for them, I walked around Federal Hill to get an idea for possible shooting locations / good lighting.  I spotted a super-cute couple, Kristin & Andy, sitting on the hill & taking in the view of Inner Harbor.  I love how they were together, so I <took a few of them without them knowing – shhh;)and> approached them and asked if they wouldn’t mind being my stand-ins for a few pics for me to get my settings properly set.  They were awesome to say yes & let me photograph them for a few minutes, and they also gave me permission to post the few photos I did take of them here on my blog.

It was so nice crossing paths with you, Kristin & Andy!!  Maybe I’ll see you around again?:)

PS – K&A… thanks for laughing with me as I almost bit-it a few times on that steep hill!  Now THAT would’ve been a show!



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