Introducing… HP Teen Rep Program!

If you’ve read a little bit of my blog in the past year +, there’s one thing you probably have picked up on…  I.  LOVE.  WORKING.  WITH.  TEENS.   I have SO much fun with my teens sessions and they just rock my world.  Our sessions together are fun, laid back, lots of chatting, and just having a GOOD TIME.  That’s what it’s all about, and I love capturing teens being themselves.  You all are so beautiful & so unique, and nothing is cooler than having my camera capture your inner beauty as well as the exterior… you can see the playfulness, the spunky, the shyness, the silliness… you name it.  I love capturing YOU!!   To show you an image on the back of my camera that I just took of you (where *you* still look like *you*!) … and to hear you say WHOA!… Wow!… Awesome!    It’s just the best.

I just can’t get enough!!

So with all that said, I am SO EXCITED to launch the Teen Rep Program over here at Heather Photography!!!

You:  “Ummm… what in the world is a Teen Rep?”

Me:   Good question!  A Teen Rep is a teen who is fun-loving, outgoing, and involved.  An all-around nice person who would love to have a fun day of a little pampering (hair & makeup for the ladies, fresh cut for the gents!), styling, and an  awesome photo session… receive complimentary prints & products for you and your parents, and gift cards to YOUR fav stores and goodies ALLLL for spreading the good word about Heather Photography to friends, family, neighbors… everyone!  The more referrals I get from a Teen Rep, the more free stuff he/she wins!  The sky is the limit.  It’s as simple as that.

A HUGE part of building my photography business is word of mouth, and having awesome Teen Reps that represent Heather Photography well is what I’m looking for!  If you’re a high school student in Bergen County NJ and this sounds like good times, I want to hear from you!

Are you excited??  Are you ready?   Good!   Just fill out the HP Teen Rep Application by clicking here, or you can just click on the icon here too.

Click me!

(And just FYI, you can always find this Teen Rep info link on my website’s homepage…look on left side on my home page and click on the clipboard & pencil icon)

Oh… and more thing….  PASS THE WORD!!  Forward this link onto everyone, for they might know some great teens who would love this opportunity.   The more, the better.  I cannot WAIT to hear from you, so put a lil pep in that step and get to filling it out.  Deadline for submitting applications is April 1st, and Reps will be announced by April 20th!  Thank you!  🙂

To the parents:  Teen Rep programs are super big in other parts of the country, and I know it’s not something that really exists in our neck of the woods.  I want to change that around!  It seems so appropriate to have photo sessions of your children when they’re a newborn… baby… even as a young child.  Why WOULDN’T you want to capture this time in your kid’s life also?!  (things that make you go HMMM!)  I think it’s so important & special to have photos of your child young AND ‘old’er, even right before they’re about to spread their wings and fly off to college or start that new chapter in their life.  If you should have any questions, call or email me anytime!  I’d love to chat.   



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