Jessica | Sweet 16

I have awesome photografriends.  Word.

Stephen (photografriend extraordinaire) invited me along to shoot Jessica’s Sweet 16 party last Friday night at Ramsey Country Club… and I’m sure you can imagine my answer to him was YES!!   Jessica is a sweet girl with super-nice parents, and seriously ROCKIN’ friends!!  They blew the roof OFF the joint, and danced like there was no to-mor-row!!  So so so much ENERGY & so much FUN!!!  As soon as Jessica made her debut into the room, everyone hit the dance floor and partied hard.  All.  Night.  Long!!!

Welcome to Club J16!!

A great speech from Dad to Jessica…

J16 had a step & repeat for photos… great idea!

Little brother dancing in the circle… too cute 🙂


Jessica on the step & repeat with her brothers!

Aaaaand the lasers came out!!

Jessica & her bestie!!  How cute are they?!

Candle ceremony time!

J’s mom & dad… love!

Older brother lighting candle #2….

… and younger bro helping out with candle #3!


Jessica… you are radiantly beautiful!!!

Jessica & her brother… it’s ice cream time!

Annnnd back to the dance floor!

PS – how awesome does she look in her dress?!  Love.

WHAT A PARTY!!!  I was singing along to every song while snapping away (and a liiiittttlllleee dancing too)… it was SUCH a great time with great energy all night.  Happiest Sweet 16th Birthday to Jessica!!!



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