Kelly & Andy | An Unforgettable Wedding

Excuse me while I get a little misty.

I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to photograph my very first wedding this September as a second shooter, alongside the talented Stacy at Focus Photography LLC (who just so happens to also be a great photografriend of mine!).  Oh my stars… WHAT. AN. EXPERIENCE!!!  An absolute thrill!!!  *Sigh*  I walked away that evening exhausted as ever but with the BIGGEST smile on my face.  It wasn’t just anyone’s wedding I got to capture… it was Kelly and Andy.  Two very special people with SO much love for one another.  Super awesome, super nice, and super fun people.  Kelly’s smile is about the size of Texas and Andy is the kind of guy who could make hanging out in a cardboard box a blast!  Their wedding has left such an impact on me – just the other day I was jamming out while editing photos and I heard their wedding song come on.  I stopped what I was doing, sung my heart heart out, pulled up their wedding photos to reflect, and my eyes welled up with tears remembering back to their special day.

I’ll let you read all about Kelly & Andy here – Stacy does a great job telling just how special of a couple these two are!  She also included a few of my images in her blogpost (honored!) along with her awesome captures from the day.

But these images below are all mine… and as a second shooter, I knew I’d miss some of the key wedding shots but I’m pretty proud of what I was able to record!  Without further ado, I’ll let the images tell the story from here…

Question: How awesome is Kelly?  Answer: Very!  She decorated the shoes!!  As in, they were plain blue pumps, and she ROCKED them OUT!!   And gotta love the Marines garter, too.  🙂


You are breaktakingly beautiful, Kelly!!!

Meet the guys…

You might’ve noticed there looks to be two of Andy… ha!  He’s a twin!  Andy is the handsome guy in the middle 🙂

Looking good, Andy!!

Because Kelly & Andy were married last year (get the backstory here!), she opted to skip the First Look with Andy and save that special moment for her father before walking down the aisle…

The moment has arrived!!!

I just love this one… *sigh*


Nothing like a little heckling from the crowd… these lovebirds couldn’t be any cuter!!!  (ps – the black thing you see on the left is Stacy’s camera… sometimes ya gotta capture a moment before it’s over in a second!   I was in the process of switching up angles when I caught this.  Because it was a ‘moment’, I don’t mind the lens in this photo)  🙂

Some fine lookin’ Marines, indeed!

Some of the beautiful details at the reception… the wax sealed monogramed favors, handmade masks (each individual… all made by the bride!), and beautiful lanterns galore.  They rocked the masquerade theme!

Aaaannnd… introducing MR and MRS!  Kelly & Andy kicked off the reception with their first dance to “My Best Friend” by Tim McGraw.  You could FEEL the love & happiness… and I even choked up when they started singing their song to each other!!

Swinging napkins in the air can only mean one thing… it’s time for some KISSING!

Kelly & Andy’s dog loved joining in on the festivities… she was SUCH a good girl 🙂

Garter & bouquet toss time!

Cake time!

Aaaannnd now… PARTY TIME!!!

*Sigh*  What an AWESOME couple.  Congratulations Kelly & Andy!!!  Wishing you both a lifetime filled with nothing but the GOOD stuff!

I know I’ve said it before, but a HUGE shout-out to Stacy for being such an awesome friend to ask me to second shoot with her!!  I loved hanging out & working with you, and you were super-awesome to let me jump in and get the shots I did get!!  Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity… it’s a gift I’ll treasure always!!!



  • November 22, 2011 - 10:28 pm

    Stacy - I LOVE this blog post.. of course, I’m partial to the couple.. and the zillion shout-outs to me help too… but overwhelmingly, your work is blowing me away! Like… across the ocean. I LOVE it…. you rocked it… may this be the 1st of MANY weddings you shoot (some with me!)ReplyCancel

  • November 22, 2011 - 10:45 pm

    Emily - Beautiful, Heather!!!ReplyCancel

  • November 23, 2011 - 7:55 am

    Kelly - These are awesome Heather! Thanks for being a part of our day, it truly was magical for the both of us. Now we have these wonderful photos to show off from these talented, talented photographers I know 😉ReplyCancel

  • November 23, 2011 - 2:06 pm

    Karen King - Amazing work Heather! Your talent shines through more and more with each shot you take.ReplyCancel

  • November 24, 2011 - 10:57 pm

    Jenny - Amazing shots Heather!ReplyCancel

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